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Hey There.

I'm Andrew Coleburn.

About Me

I'm a software engineer, writer, and all-around nerd, currently based in Durham, NC.

I'm a former theatre kid who got halfway through an MFA in Acting before deciding against a life in show business. Since then, I've finished a Masters in Theatre, worked as a consultant in NYC, joined a talent-acquisition firm in Raleigh, NC, and found the time to start teaching myself how to code.

Spending 10 hours a day cold-calling potential job seekers made me realize I wanted to do work that resulted in actually making something. So I enrolled as a student in the Thinkful Engineering Immersion program to learn how to make kick-ass software.

If you're looking for a partner on a project, hit me up! Let's work together and build cool stuff.

What I'm Doing

Currently, I am a Developer and Consultant with Bitovi.


Shakespeare Quiz

A simple quiz app that tests user's knowledge of random Shakespeare facts. I built it to connect my love of Shakespeare with my lov of software.

Tech Used: JavaScript, jQuery

GitHub Repo

Hippo - The Bookmark App

Hippo allows users to save a collection of internet bookmarks. Built as proof of concept to provide an independent, private alternative to bookmarking websites, apart from major browsers.

Tech Used: JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Postgres, Express, Heroku

GitHub Repo

BugBook Journal

Time to Study The Bug Called YOU! BugBook is a journaling application based on the journal practice of author Jim Collins. With a simple three part daily journal, users BugBook helps users establish a journaling habit and get to know themselves better. Built to make this type of journaling easier, for myself and others.

Tech Used: JavaScript, React, React Hooks, Node.js, Express, Victory, amCharts, Postgres

Client Repo

Server Repo


Meeting up with friends in the city can be tough, especially with everyone's busy schedules. Meet4 makes it easy. Input your location, your friend's location, and select whether you want to grab a slice, get a coffee, or meet for drinks. Meet4 will find suitable, inexpensive options that are easy for both of you to get to. Once you select one, we'll give you directions for you AND your friend to get there, all on the subway. Built to help make the big city a little smaller.

Tech Used: JavaScript, React, React Hooks, styled-components, GoogleMaps API, Yelp API, Node.js, Express, Postgres

Client Repo

Server Repo


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